Saturday, February 11, 2017


February can be a challenge in Central Maine.  We are in this snow... break more snow pattern.  We have 18 inches promised for tomorrow.  Fun events cancelled left and right.


have gotten the 12 paper pieced blocks bordered and if I have my design wall up they would be doing the design dance.

I have been storm locked.  I had an art quilt ( self portrait that used some of this rather boring red in it...) I got a version done...and they cancelled the meeting.  I designed and finished one more Penobscot County block ( Steven Kings house) than started on Dorothea Dix...I found that pink valentine quilt also with the wonky crosses and have it in my air traffic control circling. I said yes to a three day retreat in Jackman Maine 135 for everything... food etc.. Sorry I could not resist...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

mid month

I have a large bag of scraps. Any one want them? Seriously... Getting through your stash one scrap at a time is very slow.
I have not bought any fabric in the month of January.
I am working on some 14.5 inch stars using all scraps..... have 6 blocks completed.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Something old...Some thing new..

Starting the 350 block count for 2017.  I picked up a pack of 9 patches at a state meeting. The fabrics were very very traditional ie I believe the 70's with that dusty rose pink.  Forgive me if you love that color but I certainly dont.  I tried a disapearing  nine patch. That looking pretty bad to me.  Mind you the blocks did not have contrasting
value. Than I got the idea to miss two blocks together. The result was chaos.  And I WASTED alot of time trying to improve it.  Finally it was give up or ... It is a small swiss dot and it does lie flat
I hadn't ironed enough before the photo. It  is a lap quilt now... Hopefully some one will love it.(Donation scrappy quilt one 17 blocks.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Final Count down two and three

Two clear surfaces.... This was a great one as I had clear and clean to pit 4 people in my sewing room. There is a clear reality that a clean surface needs stuff on it. I have triangles laid on on one, and cut down squares from scraps on the second.

Than I sewed.

Three: Commit to a year of.... I commit to using the fabric that I have.  Which is enough to cover most of the eastern sea board.

Friday, December 30, 2016

up date

With the best of intentions I went to the sewing room to clean. Instead I sewed...

Prarie Moon's final count down

Wow, it is a relief to know others have great piles o fabric.  The challenge is to get your fabric more organized.

Before shots of the disaster zone...

 there is a flamingo on the floor...

Before.  Looking makes me realize I do 1/2 the space at a time for cleaning I can clearly see which half needs help