Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Down Stairs repair and renovation

Heading into the 9th week of having people banging away at my house, sometimes 7 days a week has been an experience that I believe only people who have been through it understand. I never realized that it is a joy to sit in your pj's in the morning. I am retired and I like wandering around a bit. I have one eye on the clock because the refrig is being moved across the new hardwood floor at 8:30 am.  During this period I have quilted more. I made a huge wedding quilt for the next nephew or niece who ties the know. I have done some art quilting, I decided the big Penobscot quilt is going to be quilt as you go and went back and quilted the 8 blocks.
The garden has died. I get a few veggies still, carrots, kale, beets, parsley.

November Rains

It is pouring out.  There is a slight chance it will turn to snow.  We head to Portland, Maine, which it two hours south of where we live. We are going to visit my favorite daughter.  After the frenzy of quilting the group only needs one  quilt from me. The two and a 1/2 I churned out will be added to the UFO pile. I will get photos in here soon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Quilting for 4 days ..... 12 hours a day

I think my swim exercise class is paying off as I kept my sewing machine roaring from 7-7 daily.  I will take photos of what I accomplished today. I brought a bag of African safari fabric that only a child could love... The gorillas are particularly grouchy looking. The bag was bought for 35 dollars by a friend.  Much picking apart and redesigning resulted in a twin sized top ready for sandwiching.
Than I machine quilted two more quilts.  The final deal was take a bunch of strips and making another donation quilt.  I left my purse home... eek so no photos there....Here is a friends photo...

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

quilting while the world falls apart

Some times I can not bear the nightly news anymore. I wat an wept as they began the light of the dead from the mass shooting in Los Vegas.  Why? There is no why or any way to make reason of parts of our world. Each and every one of the dead were chosen in an random fashion.  Some how some way there needs to be a voice of reason that changes how people get the guns ...

In my little world of having my house renovated... I have been grumbling about not having a kitchen. Than there are the people in Texas and Florida and in Puerto Rica that don't even have roofs or walls.

I am watching the sun rise, thankful for my house, my family and being able to live another day.

Quilting keeps me going on the harder days....

Friday, September 29, 2017

Irish star triple chain with and with out the chain.

I put them on point, not having read the directions closely... Than as I was using my friends design wall... I wondered how it would look as a stand a lone star.... For the 2.5 inch squares the setting triangle and corners are 16.5 and 8.5

Sunday, September 17, 2017


The wedding quilt has gone. I am getting ready to make a pair of pillow covers to match it. I have been working a a few art quilts... started on the Irish star triple chain in blues. The star is a bit of a pig with 26 parts in each 10 inch block.

It is in the 80's right now, warm for Maine.... Will post photos shortly.